Aim of humanity.

Human being is the only creation that given some kind of power to say something how to live their life.

So, we have to be totally free to be able to make just choice but are we?

Do we know how much our genetics coding has role in it? (Nature)

What about the effect of our cultural background?  (Nurture)

Do we have geographical influences on our decision how to lead our life? (Nature)

What about our family upbringing, their influence on us? (Nurture)

Who are we?

Did we really decide ourselves to be who we are or it was already decided for us?

Who really we are ?

How can we identify ourselves clearly and choose who we wanted to be in total freedom, equality and justice?

Do we want to be who really we are?

Can we really do that?

How can we be ourselves within all the influences around us, coordinating, communicating and tolerating with surroundings justly and still be individual self?




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