Deity and Freedom, Equality, Justice in History, Philosophy, Science

This is and academic book. It is aimed to university students and the people in the academic field. However, it is written in such a way that anyone who has interest in the topic can understand it easily.

First, it looks into history concerning the meaning of deity, the way of choosing deities and practices. Secondly, how the philosophy describes deity and relates it to individuals and society. Thirdly, it looks into what the revelations says about it.

Last part of the book concentrates on the ‘Energy Wave End Behaviours’ using science to authenticate the chosen deity that usually bases on belief. Authentication of the chosen deity is necessary for happiness, health and social relations as well as the relation with the unique source of energy.


Wail in Veil is a novel bases on real life experience. It aims to give hope for those who thinks that they reached to dead end and suffer silently, thinking that there is no way out.

A middle age women goes to university to carry on her education that she longed for a long time. She had gone through so many unbelievable problems but the worst one was to come yet…

Ayetlerin Işığı Altında İlah ve anlamı (Turkish)

This is a book looks into the meaning of deity under the light of verses of the last revelation.

This book is the firs attempt that the author write about the topic. Therefore, it bases on verses about the meaning of deity or deities and the interpretations.

YOLCU (Turkish) -Traveler-

Yolcu is a real life story. The author has written immigration story of her grand parents and their struggle to set a new life. And, the struggle of the following generations.

Novel indicates that how these already hard struggles can became more difficult when the individual egos involves and rising questions how these difficulties can be overcome keeping freedom, equality and justice in place to have harmony to have a happy and healthy life.


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